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twentyten in fanfic & fanvid.

twentyten in fanfic & fanvid.

the quite brilliant, inspiring fanfics that i've stumbled upon across livejournal, and the beautifully crafted fanvids that i've found on youtube.

these are a few of my favourite things; through video and prose.

doctor who
words unspoken by stillxmyxheart (ten/rose)
love like summer by stillxmyxheart (ten/rose)
where their shoes met by humansrsuperior (ten/rose)
new you, new me by stillxmyxheart (ten/rose)
the rose nebula by sapphire_child (ten/rose)
dreams aren't what they used to be by wishiknewwho (ten/rose)
hypothetically speaking by stillxmyxheart (ten/rose)
a girl like you's just irresistible by wishiknewwho (ten/rose)
simplistic and ordinary, but just right by humansrsuperior (ten/rose)
beyond the sails and among the stars by humansrsuperior (ten/rose)
feeling electric by professor_spork (ten/rose)
set me on fire by professor_spork (ten/rose)
second star to the right by 2nd2ndalto (ten/rose)
the day rory was sent to get the groceries by humansrsuperior (rory/rose)
how amy got the doctor to talk about the r word by humansrsuperior (eleven/amy)
the calm before by beingfacetious (ten/rose)
no matter how your heart is grieving by 2nd2ndalto (ten/rose)
pins and needles, part one by professor_spork (ten/rose)
pins and needles, part two by professor_spork (ten/rose)
should auld acquaintance be forgot? by zombres (eleven/rose)
static by professor_spork (ten/rose)
we're going on a bear hunt by zombres (eleven/rose)
not a monster by amberfocus (nine/rose)
at the centre of stories by missnyah (ten/rose)
high above and far away by jessalrynn (nine/rose)

ashes to ashes
in vino veritas by thisiszircon (gene/alex)
in vino veritas: connection by thisiszircon (gene/alex)

five and a half months by beeeez (finn/rachel)

the beginning that came from the end by ladychi (booth/brennan)
one eye pointed upwards by rachg82 (booth/brennan)

doctor who
song's end by jesuit24 (ten)
lived too long by analeian (ten)
it was my way by seduff (ten)
between 2 lungs by analeian (eleven/amy)
this is goodbye by hogwartshonorroll (ten)
the tenth doctor regenerates by dalekdom (ten)
i love you by oviolentdarkknighto (eleven/rose)
now i got you by elekta (eleven/rose)
i see signs by analeian (eleven/rose)

harry potter
beside you (the golden trio) by peacefulchaos16 (harry/ron/hermione)

the heavens cry... by thelovelybones1 (booth/brennan)

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