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twentythirteen in fanfic & fanvid.

twentythirteen in fanfic & fanvid.

the quite brilliant, inspiring fanfics that i've stumbled upon across livejournal, and the beautifully crafted fanvids that i've found on youtube.

these are a few of my favourite things; through video and prose.

can't you stay where you are, part one by smc-27 (finn/marley)
can't you stay where you are, part two by smc-27 (finn/marley)

doctor who
on the corner by charlottetrips (eleven/rose)
peel slowly and see, part one by cereal (ten/rose)
peel slowly and see, part two by cereal (ten/rose)
confetti falling down at night by wellavengeit (ten/rose)
you had me at goodbye by sekichu (eleven/rose)

doctor who
whovian craziness by oOMathiildeOo (ensemble)

5 years, 100 episodes by jyleafer15 (ensemble)

teen wolf
young blood by mighthaveinhaledyou (stiles/lydia)
a message by italianrory (stiles/lydia)

a drop in the ocean by lolilie (ephram/amy)

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