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twentyten in music.

twentyten in music.

twelve months, one hundred songs -
the music that has been the soundtrack to my year.

jls - everybody in love
cheryl cole - fight for this love
michael buble - haven't met you yet
jason derulo - whatcha say
dizzee rascal - holiday
athlete - superhuman touch
michael jackson - billie jean
misssy higgins - nightminds
florence + the machine - you got the love
mcfly - just my luck
the script - before the worst
mcfly - falling in love
athlete - rubik's cube

the script - the man who can't be moved
the cutaway - laughing gas
sara bareilles - city
the script - breakeven
the who - baba o'riley

alicia keys - empire state of mind
augustana - boston
athlete - the getaway
westlife - what about now
my favorite highway - bigger than love

my favorite highway - simple life
futures - 16
canterbury - hospital
glee cast - don't stop believin'
jack savoretti - between the minds
mark mancina - august's rhapsody
jason derulo - in my head

spandau ballet - chant no. 1 (i don't need this pressure on)
tyler hilton - i believe in you
take that - greatest day
spandau ballet - true
glee cast - journey medley
tyler hilton - keep on
glee cast - to sir with love
the dallas guild - rainbow nation
leona lewis - happy
tyler hilton - this world will turn your way
nashville skyline - carry you home

wakey!wakey! - almost everything
my favorite highway - say so
jesse mccartney - how do you sleep?
wakey!wakey! - dance so good
my favorite highway -
what are you waiting for?

kate voegele - i couldn't save you
sara bareilles - between the lines
wakey!wakey! - brooklyn

wakey!wakey! -  war sweater
athlete - light the way
wakey!wakey! - car crash
florence + the machine & dizzee rascal - you got the dirtee love
alexandra burke & jls - bad boys /
everybody in love (live)

wakey!wakey! - light outside
westlife - the rose
sheryl crow - i shall believe
westlife - i'm already there

jack savoretti - dreamers
matt nathanson - come on get higher
gavin degraw - i don't wanna be
jack savoretti - no one's aware
jls - one shot
kate voegele - i don't wanna be

the script - for the first time
jls - the club is alive
rosi golan - think of me
glee cast - over the rainbow
rosi golan feat. william fitzsimmons - hazy
tyler hilton - sunset blvd.
rosi golan - c'est l'amour
wakey!wakey! - clinton st. girl
emma bunton - what took you so long?
b*witched - rollercoaster
wakey!wakey! - take it like a man

camp rock cast - this is our song
jls - love you more
taylor swift - you belong with me
athlete - don't hold your breath
taylor swift - fifteen
camp rock cast - introducing me
taylor swift - mine
camp rock cast - heart and soul
taylor swift - fearless
alistair griffin - just drive
athlete - black swan song
westlife - safe

westlife - i have a dream
s club 7 - two in a million
taylor swift - back to december
s club 7 - s club party
taylor swift - white horse
s club 7 - reach
taylor swift - speak now
s club 7 - never had a dream come true
coldplay - christmas lights
ellie goulding - your song
s club 7 - show me your colours
my favorite highway - steel city
taylor swift - long live
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