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twentyeleven in fanfic & fanvid.

twentyeleven in fanfic & fanvid.

the quite brilliant, inspiring fanfics that i've stumbled upon across livejournal, and the beautifully crafted fanvids that i've found on youtube.

these are a few of my favourite things; through video and prose.

doctor who
just say "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" by wishiknewwho (ten/rose)
forever begins here by thenakedcupcake (ten/rose)
breaking the rules by vale_decem (nine/rose)
right story, wrong cover by raysgal (eleven/rose)
so close to reaching that famous happy ending by raysgal (ten/rose)
this world i think i know by thenakedcupcake (young!one/rose)
the world shifts between us by thenakedcupcake (young!one/rose)
jump by professor_spork (ten/rose)
carpe diem by lime surprise nine/rose, (ten/rose)
belying the cadences of breath by mutedtempest (ten/rose)
as though of hemlock i had drunk by haveloved (ten/rose)
under the influence by sapphire_child (nine/rose, ten/rose)
evaporate by takethewords (eleven/rose)
how to say goodbye by redknightalex (ten/rose)
almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you by haveloved (nine/rose, ten/rose)
a rainy afternoon in london by mutedtempest (nine/rose)
the ghost of christmas presents by haveloved (nine/rose)
flirty mum looking for fun by psyfi_geekgirl (nine/rose)
where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow by sapphire_child (nine/rose)
revival of the fittest by zazie11 (nine/rose)
beadazzled by jessalrynn (nine/rose)
there is a light that never goes out by
haveloved (eleven/rose)
treehouse of doomishness by raysgal (ten/rose)
come fly with me by psyfi_geekgirl (ten/rose)
all untested by zombres (ten/rose)
leaving on a jet plane by raysgal (ten/rose)
the pain of remembering by stillxmyxheart (eleven/rose)
and so live ever by haveloved (ten/rose)
believe me, i know by faythbrady (eleven/rory)
for a lover of long ago by
haveloved (eleven/rose)
from the sky to the ground, they all fall down, part one by jessicaqueen (ten/rose)
from the sky to the ground, they all fall down, part two by jessicaqueen (ten/rose)
shimmering through the dusk by wander_realtai (ten/rose)
forget-me-not by wander_realtai (ten/rose)
here you leave today by cereal (ten/rose)
the stars are brightly shining by haveloved (one/rose)
many the miles by tala_hiding (nine/rose)
weightless by 2nd2ndalto (ten/rose)
sensory overload by astrangepair (ten/rose)
give up and live by vale_decem (ten/rose)
can you see me now? by sapphire_child (ten/rose)
the right place for love by haveloved (eleven/amy/rory)
this year, to save me from tears by haveloved (eleven/rose)

kiss on by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
you may see me and try to forget by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
we've all got our stories by beeeez (finn/rachel)
getyourway by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
say it like a lie by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
show me how it ends by beeeez (finn/rachel)
the secrets in the telling by beeeez (finn/rachel)
so eloquent, it seems by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
let's go back to the start by beeeez (finn/rachel)
new favourite memory by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
get down on one knee and forget what to say by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
friday night by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
fighting with the shadows in your head by smc_27 (finn/puck)
just to see you go by by nicalyse (mike/quinn)
let the world come rush in by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
sweetest in the morning by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
maybe we should stay in, baby by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
what are you doing (for the rest of your life)? by smc_27 (finn/rachel)
to shine throught the dark by nicalyse (mike/quinn)
winter days are moving in by smc_27 (finn/rachel)

one tree hill
what are you waiting for? by amandaa624 (ensemble)
fighting dragons with you by leytontla86 (ensemble)

harry potter
with my whole heart by dazzleme7 (ron/hermione)
the weight of us by sparralex (ensemble)
for blue skies by lovekillsslowly36 (ron/hermione)
to build a home by grable424 (ensemble)
where i feel at home by katrindepp (ensemble)

doctor who
why she swallows bullets and stones by analeian (eleven/rose)
draw your swords by analeian (eleven/amy)
angels in the snow by analeian (ensemble)

pretending by xxshelleylovinu (finn/rachel)

the story so far by canidae624 (castle/beckett)

the hour
we float through each other's lives by pixieteardrops89 (freddie/bel)
only one that i'll ever love by pixieteardrops89 (freddie/bel)

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